Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas! Only almost a week late...

I consider it a good thing that it has taken me so long to sit down and write out this post. I’ve been busy and we had a fantastic Christmas and hope any (and every) one else reading this did as well.

The days before Christmas were busy getting the house cleaned, presents finished and wrapped, cookies baked... Christmas eve we spent the evening at my Mom’s and that was really nice. Christmas morning we opened presents here at home and got to enjoy a relaxing time this year - no quick showers and out the door! Of course I thought the day would be a little more relaxing than it was but between getting the Christmas morning mess cleaned up and dinner cooked, it wasn’t so much. My in-laws came over for dinner and the food turned out yummy though the turkey did take longer to cook than I expected. Everyone seemed to enjoy the gifts we got them and everyone here, especially Caden, was quite spoiled.

The days following involved putting together lots of toys and I started to take down the Christmas decorations - everything but the tree and outside lights. Unfortunately everyone here ended up sick, Steve the worst of us, but it was still a nice weekend.

We had a really wonderful holiday and now I’m kind of sad its all over. No more Christmas music to dance around the living room with Caden, no more presents to wrap or cookies to decorate, and in a day or two our tree will come down and it will be time to hunker down for the next few months of cold, grey, and dark. As crazy as it sounds I’m already looking forward to next Christmas, I’m just hoping it will work out as this one did in terms of not having to drive all over, though we didn’t please everyone and I wish we could have.

The house is clean once again and toys and new goodies have found their place in our house. I have a two of my gifts I still need to assemble and put away but other than that, not too bad.
I can’t believe its already new year’s eve... The final hours of 2008 are ticking down, another year gone. 2008 most definitely didn’t turn out to be the year I expected it to be, but thats another entry sure to come in the next day or two.

On the fertility end of things, there may or may not be news to report but there is definitely a post obsessing soon to come....
For now I need to get the house tidied from the mornings play while Caden is still napping...



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