Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

Last night as we sat down to dinner I took my first dose of Metformin. I’ve been a little concerned over the possible side effects but so far so good. I do feel a little different (to describe it shortly) but I don’t feel terrible, I don’t feel sick, and I’m not spending additional time in the bathroom. Of course its only been one pill, at a third of my dose, and only 15 hrs ago, so everything is subject to change but so far, not bad (knock on wood, of course ;)).

I also decided to go ahead and begin Provera today. I mulled it over and if I thought there was the slightest possible chance that I might have ovulated at some point this cycle I would have waited... But I didn’t. To air on the side of caution after I woke up this morning and headed into the bathroom, I dug around in my cabinet for my stash of pregnancy tests, tore open the package, and did what needed to be done. I even used one of my good tests (FRER) instead a cheapy or +/-. This time, however, wasn’t because I was hoping to detect a pregnancy at the earliest possible point, but instead because I had absolutely no desire to deal with any sort of a possible evap. One pink line, stark white background, no hint of another just as I suspected. So I collected the appropriate prescription bottles (Provera and my prenatal, Met will be with dinner), gathered the pills, opened my mouth, and swallowed them down.

I’m excited to move on, to end this cycle and start fresh. I didn’t see the point of continuing on an anovulatory cycle when I know I really did not ovulate.

I’m looking forward to giving my self a break from charting and opks and everything else while on Provera. None of it matters at this point, temps wouldn’t be accurate, and the break is welcome. To be honest I stopped with the opks and have only been temping every other day or so since my ultrasound last week. I’ve been so frustrated with negative after negative opk and of erratic temps and stupid charts. Its been nice not to think about everything... I don’t find myself obsessing and constantly looking at my chart or hunting for any sign I may ovulate. I was getting so frustrated and now I’m not. I’ll start charting again once I’m off Provera. Until then I’ll enjoy my uninterrupted sleep in the mornings.



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