Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was tagged at Aramelle’s blog A New Wheeler for the world , to post 10 honest things. I won’t be tagging anyone back though. Not because I don’t want to, but because most of the people I would tag don’t know about this blog since I wanted to keep our current issues separate. Anyway, here is my list...

1. I’m way too nostalgic at times. Through all the hard times my life has been amazing and I feel so blessed, I just seriously wish I could press pause.

2. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies. I love to organize. I’m not OCD, but when stressed my lovely little quirks flare up. It has been under control for a long time now but was the worst in College. I was mainly a checker - it would take 30 min to leave the house so I could do a few full checks of every room, etc. Certain things had to be certain ways... I’ll still check the house more than necessary if I’m stressed but its no where near as bad.

3. I’m terrified of death.

4. I had a high risk pregnancy with my son - early onset pre-eclampsia, 4 months bed rest, fetal crash, emergency c-section. I secretly wonder if my infertility is my body’s way of telling me I won’t make it though another pregnancy with such a positive outcome.

5. I’m super emotional all the time - I cry at everything.

6. We have 3 cats and a beagle. The cats used to be my babies before the human baby came along - I feel guilty they don’t get the attention they once did.

7. I love to do all sorts of crafty things - especially scrapbook and paper craft. I wish I knew how to do more.

8. I’ve been eating like crap the past few days - I hate the way I look and need to work on that.

9. I’m a night owl - no matter how tired I am or even if I fall asleep - as soon as 9pm hits I’m wide awake.

10. Sometimes I miss working but I wouldn’t give up staying home with my son for the world. Seeing that he might be all I get, I’m eternally grateful that I had this opportunity.


Aramelle said...

Your first thing totally resonated with me. I am ridiculously nostalgic, and I swear it gets worse the older I get!

I'm also a total night owl. I can spend the entire day exhausted and daydreaming of my cozy bed. But I still can't get to sleep at a decent hour!

Anyway, I'm glad you played along! It's fun to read these kinds of things to learn other, random things about people. :)


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