Monday, April 20, 2009

Happiest Girl in the World....

I woke up this morning at 4am needing to use the washroom but I wanted to wait to test until DH went to work. 7am came and I headed into the bathroom, dug out a stick, did what needed to be done, and set the test down. Immediately I thought to myself “This is stupid... I’m only 9dpo, even if I am pregnant I’m not going to get a positive” and I crawled back in bed. An hour and a half later I went to throw the test away... But there was a line. An extremely faint, twist it that way... Is it pink? Is it real? line.... But a line. I’ve seen my fair share of evaps but this was different. It was so faint that it was very possibly an evap... But I thought I saw the slightest hint of pink. The question was if the line showed up in the 10 min window and that I didn’t know. I snapped a few pictures, stared and brought the test from room to room, and finally gave up.

Around noon a nurse from my doctor’s office called with my 7dpo progesterone result... “looks good she said” but I just wanted the number. 14.6... Nice... But indicative of anything? Not really.

Caden and I had lunch then decided to bike over to the park about 2 miles away while there was a break in the weather. We had our fun and headed home. I put Caden to bed and decided to take a quick shower.

I undressed and debated back and forth... Do I test again? It had been 2 hours since I last use the restroom. Surely it wouldn’t be positive but at least I could see if an evap appeared. Again I dug out my sticks, did my thing, and jumped in the shower, quickly to be sure to read this one in the 10 min window again.

I couldn’t believe what I saw... Plain as day, 2 pink lines. The test like was very light, obviously, but pink and perfectly visible. No twisting or turning or checking under different lights... It was positive. I called my friend (who had spent the morning debating the possible evap with me) and shouted it. I am pregnant.

I am pregnant - ah, just had to type those 3 perfect words one more time.... Well, maybe a few more. Part of me knew this was it - I bought a shirt to tell DH with (not telling him today has been so very hard, but surprising him with the news this time is something important to me - I‘m telling him tomorrow over lunch). I just knew... But as the 2nd half of this wait kicked it... I just didn’t want to set myself up for devastation.

An hour later I tested again - this time with a FRER.... And again, two beautiful pink lines. Faint, but not bad for mid afternoon at 9dpo. We really did it this time... I really AM pregnant.

I spent the next few hours in shock.. My hands we shaking. I’m trying to be cautious as it is so very early... But it is so very hard. I pray this baby sticks.... And as of tonight all I know is that I am pregnant and so extremely happy.

EDD: January 2, 2010


Robyn said...

Yay, YAY, YAYYYY!!!! I'm so totally, thrilled, EXCITED for you guys!!!!!! Congrats, momma to be :D

Aramelle said...

Carrie, I am so very happy for you! Words can't even express how excited I was when I read this on MLW.

Congratulations!!! :D

scrapperjen said...

WOO HOO!!!! Congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say congratulations.

noswimmers said...

What a beautiful sight!! Congratulations to you and DH!

Jenny Popp said...

I just stumbled across your blog. I'm sooo happy for you! I will be testing in a few days! Fingers crossed!

Amanda said...

Hooray!!!! What beautiful lines!

FYI, I got my first BFP 10dpo. And it wasn't even as dark as your 9dpo. You can see a picture of the result of that cycle on my blog. ;-)

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