Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Betas, Tests, and Daddy x 2

Yesterday I woke up and took 3 more tests... 2 digitals and a FRER just incase the digitals weren’t sensitive enough. Waiting for that test to develop felt like forever... But in the end all three tests were positive. I tested again this morning and again, the test was positive and the line much darker than the previous days... Which has settled my nerves at least a little bit. I am so excited and so happy but at the same time I’m scared I’ll wake up and this will be all taken away. I know I’ll relax once the second beta comes back on Friday - if only a little. And I think I’ll feel even better once we see our baby by ultrasound.

Speaking of betas and such - Today my doctor called with the results from yesterday’s tests. My beta at 10 dpo was 33 - seemingly low but a solid number for so early. We also checked my progesterone and my doctor wanted to see it at or around 20 or else we’d supplement (at 7dpo it was 14.6). My progesterone was 20.6 so rising nicely and no need to supplement nor does my doctor feel the need to check it again. So, as I said, I go in for my 2nd beta tomorrow, results on Friday, 1st appt is 1 week from today on the 29th (our 3rd wedding anniversary!), and then we’ll schedule my first ultrasound for 6.5 weeks.


Yesterday was sweet - I was able to hold of on telling Steve our amazingly wonderful news on Monday so I told him then over lunch. I was worried Caden and I were going to be late since we ran a little behind getting my blood drawn but we actually made it a few minutes early.. Good thing too since I had to pee so bad and I didn’t want Steve to wonder why I was taking Caden with me... Or risk leaving him behind to remove Caden’s jacket when I wasn’t there (revealing his “big brother“ t-shirt).

I was starting to wonder if Steve kind of knew what was coming, but in the end he had no idea. The restaurant was a cute little diner and the kids, especially Caden, adored the trains. Steve had been mentioning he wanted to take Caden eventually so I used this, and telling him I’d be in the area to pick up an order, as an excuse. We sat down at the table and I suggested to Steve that he should take off Caden’s coat so we could order. He unzipped the jacket and immediately turned and asked me “Is there something you’re trying to tell me?!”. I replied yes and he turned back to me with a big smile and an excited “Really?!?”

Lunch was nice and we talked about the baby and Caden a lot. Steve was grinning ear to ear the entire time and we’re both so excited. Steve also mentioned how relieved he was - he was always the “strong” one in all of this.. But even so I know he was scared and worried, too. We were both worried there were going to be more obstacles for us to over come. He worried they were with him, I worried there were additional ones with me. But all that matters now is that here we sit.. And we’re having a baby!!!

After work Steve came home with a dozen pink roses and a card. All night long we made mention of the baby and he was constantly rubbing my belly and all smiles. We’re just so happy.

This pregnancy already feels so much different emotionally that Caden’s... Not that either was more wanted and I know I’m not explaining this right... But even though its so early its like we both feel more connected with this pregnancy. With the first the concept was so crazy and so new to us... We knew that a pregnancy meant we were having a baby... But the immense reality of that never really set in until that tiny little boy was placed in our arms. This time around we have a walking, talking, amazing little reminder of just what that tiny mass of rapidly dividing cells is becoming. And its all so amazing.


Robyn said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you were able to surprise Steve!! And that he was surprised!!

scrapperjen said...

Awww - that's great! What a wonderful surprise for him and I love the shirt! :)


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