Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Babbling....

For those who haven’t heard, there has been a recall on prescription prenatal vitamins. Not surprisingly, the one I’m taking is on that list so today I had fun going though the motions to get the new prescription. I’m being switched to one that is more expensive but not by much so not a big deal.
As for why the drugs are being recalled - it seems to be hard to get a clear answer. My doctor’s office says from their understanding the pills don’t have everything in them that they are supposed to, or they don’t have the necessary amounts in them.

Our weekend was great - Yesterday we did get a day to relax but Saturday we spent the day running all over. We had a few errands to run and prescriptions to fill first and then we headed a few towns over to hit up Babies R Us to find Caden a new stroller. Afterwards we met up with my brother and his family and took the boys to Rainforest Cafe - Caden was scared of the alligator and didn’t know what to think of the first thunderstorm but other than that he loved it. He thought the gorillas were so funny. We finished up the day with a run to Ikea. It was just a nice day. And even better yet it kept my mind completely off of everything going on.

Tomorrow we are going to head out to the mall once Steve gets home to walk around and test out Caden’s new stroller. We’ve decided we’ll just go out to dinner then, too, since we were planning to go out for Valentine’s day anyway. Everyone we know to baby sit is coupled so we didn’t even try to find a sitter and I don’t mind my little man tagging along - after all, he is my valentine too. On Saturday I want to make a special treat for the boys - I just haven’t decided what. Then we’ll either make a yummy dinner or order in. So much eating out recently = bad, but we’ve made good choices so its okay.

So far I’ve had minimal side effects from clomid - Maybe a bit more bitchy... Or am I just using clomid as an excuse?? ;) Its nice but of course it makes me wonder if the drug is actually having an affect or not. I guess we’ll find out in a little over a week or so....


Aramelle said...

Hmmm...I hadn't heard about the recall on the vitamins. I just take OTC (the others made me too sick in combination with the other meds), but it's scary to think that can happen. And I think it's horrible that you can't get a real answer as to WHY they are being recalled.

You weekend sounds busy but fun. I love the atmosphere at Rainforest Cafe. The food is just kind of "eh" to me, but the atmosphere still makes it worth it! I'm glad Caden seemed to like it once he adjusted to his surroundings a bit.

I have said this dozens of times, but I am going to keep saying it: I am truly hoping that the Clomid works for you!


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