Saturday, March 7, 2009

Progesterone Draw

Today was my progesterone draw as I am now 7dpo. My temps and chart have been beautiful, rising steadily for the first 6 days. Of course this morning it dropped by 0.31 degrees and now I’m paranoid as all hell. I need to learn how to de-stress - so much for staying calm. The low temp is still well above cover line, and my cover line is a little high compared to my pre-o temps as is, but I’m still worried. I’m just crossing my fingers that my temp goes back up tomorrow - Of course the day I need the temp to be accurate is also the first day of day light savings so things are going to be a little screwy no matter what. Anyway...

Steve and Caden came with me this morning since we had a few errands to run afterwards. Caden got a little fussy as soon as Mommy left with out him and the woman drawing my blood smiled and made mention of how the little ones are always so happy to be with Daddy until Mommy left.
The woman was very nice - she seemed rushed and hurried at check-in, but seemed to slow down with me later. The actual process, from sitting down to leaving, took all of 90 seconds - Just long enough for her to ask me quietly “How long have you been trying?”. There was something about the tone in her voice and the way she asked... like she understood.... Like she was or had been in this position, too.

When I walked out Steve looked at me and said “already?!” And immediately my mind started to wander. 90 seconds to draw blood from me was damn quick. Impressively quick... Never done before. People normally have a hell of a time - The first nurse who drew labs for a CBCD when I had appendicitis was in tears after she couldn’t get blood from me. I told her not to worry, it was common, but I guess I ruined her 25 year streak. The only other time anyone has been able to get blood from me easily like that was when I was pregnant. Usually there is at least some checking around for veins. I forgot to drink anything but coffee so I thought for sure it would have been more difficult. Of course, there are several completely normal explanations...

1. Between my pregnancy, surgery, and infertility... I know which vein is the vein of choice - Off to the side of my right arm. Very rarely fails. Not the best vein and nurses always check for a better one, but its usually the best I have to offer. Last blood draw I guess that one was a little deflated as the nurse decided to give it a break but this time it was nice and plump and filled that little vial in record time.

2. That little vial! Usually there are several vials and today it was just the one.

3. If nothing else, maybe it was just that this woman was that good.

But even so my mind turned to maybe, just maybe, I have a bit more blood volume because, well... you know. Its too early for that so its not the case... But that doesn’t stop the obsessing.

In fact, right now I have no symptoms of anything. And I feel like expecting or even hoping to get pregnant on my first ovulatory cycle in so long is asking too much. But I do hope, I hope so very much.

But for now I’m just focusing on Monday, when the labs are in. Who knows, I could find out then this was all just a nasty cruel joke - but I’m hopeful for good news.



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