Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Padded Rooms

Its been chilly and cool the past few days - it is starting to feel like fall and I love it. The mornings are perfect to bring Caden into bed and snuggle up for a morning cuddle. Shorts and tshirts have become pants and sweaters - slippers and socks are a must in the morning. Its perfect. However, I’m fully aware that as past would dictate we’re in for at least one more hot stretch, but for now I’m enjoying the start of fall.

We’ve been going on a lot of walks lately. Caden and I during the day, and the whole family, beagle included, in the evening after dinner. We get hot chocolate and just walk and talk - Caden loves to ride in his wagon and jabber about everything he sees. Its nice :).

I’m still waiting for Caden to slow down - I assumed as he got older and more stable on his feet the bumps and bruises would start to subside, oh how I was wrong. He might be more stable, but he is also more into climbing everything, running, sliding, chasing, tripping, not looking where he is going. Some days I just don’t know what to do with him though the thought to built him a padded room has crossed my mind. A week and a half ago as we walked out of the house to run some errands he was excited and caught the corner of the pillar under his right eye leaving a lovely bruise. He followed that up the next day falling on his toys and giving himself a true black eye. Those bruises are starting to fade, though still noticeable.... Yesterday I go get him out of his crib in the morning and now his other eye is black. The worst is I don’t have any idea as to where he got that one, never mind the fact that he looks like he was in quite the toddler playground fight :(. I wonder how much a padded room would run.. Or maybe it would be more cost effective just to make him a bubble wrap suit since we’re really running out of options over here.

In other happenings my day today is pretty much shot as I sit and wait for the call to go pick up our car - finally. Two and a half weeks ago Steve was running to the store when he was rear ended at a stop light - Caden was in the car. Thankfully everyone was okay but the car was not. $4,000 worth of damage, a new car seat that has traveled the country (don’t get me started on UPS), and 2.5 weeks later the car should hopefully be ready to be picked up this afternoon with a pretty new back end and a bunch of work done to the front (the car was pushed into a trailer hitch of the car in front). I’m just happy the guy who hit us had decent insurance and took 100% liability (not that there was ever any question). The insurance even paid for the new car seat. We were given a rental car, too, but I’m looking forward to getting our car back and being done with this mess.

Steve and I have also started a new family project. Stemming from previous issues though I really have no idea where we stand on that project, but it doesn’t look good. But progress continues and we’ll see where we end up - hopefully we have at least some sort of an answer soon. I did have a dream last night though, it was nice. For now thats all it was though.
I’m all over the place this morning as this entry would suggest! But thats how I’ve been feeling most of the last week or so. I’ve been feeling exhausted and I can only assume because so many projects are being left unfinished at the end of the day. At least I have our evening walks to clear my mind.

Hopefully once we get our car back and I’m not left wondering each morning if I’m going to have to drop what I’m doing to return the rental and get the car (it was supposed to be done last week) things will feel less hmm ;)



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