Friday, August 15, 2008

Chasing Beagles

Its the middle of August, summer is almost done, and I am impressed at just how quickly this summer passed. Just how quickly time has been slipping away from me.
This summer has been busy but fun! We haven’t really done a whole lot of big things, so how these months passed so quickly I’m not sure. We’ve played outside a lot, went to the zoo (finally posted pics), cook outs, parties, swim lessons, Steve got a wii, I got a new laptop, lots of craft stuff going on, made progress in our basement, went to the fair, weathered some storms, walked with the wagon, played at the park, chased beagles, cleaned messes... Its been a low key summer and its been nice!

We have switched Caden into cloth diapers full time now and surprisingly even Steve loves them! The added work is really minimal and its so nice not to have to worry about buying diapers. And of course the environmental aspect is great. Caden’s brightly colored, adorable cloth covered bum is a nice perk, too :) Plus, we can use them on the next baby.

So what about the next baby some have asked... Soon enough! But not too soon of course. We’ve been talking about it and have ideas in place. If I wrote this entry 2 days ago it would have been filled with gushing and excitement regarding our next child - but yesterday Caden was having an “off” day - complete with a temper tantrum that lead to a frazzled Mommy stealing half a tank of gas, so I’m okay with waiting a little bit longer ( but not too long ;)).

As for the gas, after I realized I didn’t pay for it I headed back over and took care of the bill and felt like a super huge ass. The clerk didn’t report my crime spree at that point as he suspected it to be an honest mistake and that I’d be back... I did insert my card into the machine, I just lifted the nozzle and started pumping before confirming on the screen or something - And I managed to do this at probably the last pump on earth that doesn’t require you to prepay. I’ll be honest, I hate pumping gas so Steve usually takes care of it - I think we’ll stick to that set up now!

In summary everyone in our land of 3 is doing wonderful. Caden, despite his off day, is adorable as always and keeps us on our toes. Ellie has grown so much and will be a year old next month, the cats are great as well and finally getting used to life in a house with a crazy little person running around and a beagle on the prowl, and Caden adores his beagle and elusive kitty cats. Progress has been made on the house, we've been having fun, and life has been simple for the first time in so long.. I'm loving it.

I keep meaning to blog more and hope to have the time to do so soon. But I’ve been pretty terrible at posting this summer so yeah. The shorter days of fall and winter that are fast approaching lead to more time inside and thus more time to kill, right? I guess we’ll see!



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