Sunday, December 9, 2007


Caden took his first steps about a month ago (9.5 months) but now he is walking all the time!! He has walked up to 10-15ft at a time so far and he is attempting to walk more than crawl now. The only problem is with the hardwood floors – he slips a lot but he is still doing so well! Steve and I are so proud of our little pook :) I’ve started working on his first birthday invitations. They turned out really cute but I need to decide how to go about printing them. I can’t believe my little baby boy is going to be one pretty soon.

The first 2 videos are from this morning…

And this video is from Friday...

And a new picture of our little pup...
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She is getting SO big! You can’t really tell from the pictures but she is :) I feel so bad leaving her – she loves me and I know she is going to have a hard time with that. And I’m going to miss her – she is going to be huge when we come home
She is doing well with potty training still – She had 1 accident in the house yesterday and none the day before. She hasn’t had any accidents in her crate since the first night and she stays in there almost all night! I usually don’t go to bed until 11:30/12 so I’ll take her our before I go to bed, then the last few nights she has been sleeping until Steve gets up for work and lets her out (5:45-6am). If she wakes up and barks between then we’ll take her out, but lately she hasn’t been.
Yesterday while I was out running errands for our trip (I got 3 pairs of new cute shoes :) ) I also bought Ellie her Christmas stocking and a few little toys to put in it.
Ellie also went on her first walk Friday night! She is still learning to walk on a leash and I think she is more just staying with me than walking on the leash, but we went to the end out our street and back. Saturday Morning I took her on another walk and then I tried to take her last night but she didn’t want to go.
Things are getting in line for out trip – I’m nervous about leaving so close to Christmas and traveling with a baby but excited at the same time. I’m still nervous about flying for whatever reason, too. I’ve never been nervous about flying like this before – people keep telling me its because I have a child now. Today I am going to work on packing and getting things in line around the house.
I still need to run a few errands and I'm getting a manicure on Wednesday, but other than that I think most of my running around is done. I love the pair of shoes I bought to go with my pretty green dress but they KILL my feet. But after what I've gone through hunting for them, I'll deal. I don't think I've ever owned a more uncomfortable pair of shoes!



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