Monday, December 8, 2014


It took an hour but I finally gained access to my blog again. Of course in the process I have now all sorts of screwed up access to my email in addition to now having a google plus page (which I have diligently avoided as my current social media foot print is more than enough). And this is reporting to a long dead email address. Which apparently I cannot change. This is ridiculous.

Life has been busy to say the least. But now I have encountered some down time and in reading my previous blog posts I realized how much I missed this. And I want to attempt to come back to it, even if ever briefly.

The short of a very long story spanning the past few years is that the boys are doing wonderful. Parker will be 5 next month and Caden will be 8. They are in preschool and 2nd grade. No big moves, no big news, just lots of fun times with them, work, and life.

Most of all is the ever growing realization of just how fast these years pass. How quickly those boys grow. And while I might not be able to catalog it as I was tried, ever planed, and always hoped - even an update every several years would be nice.

Here is to trying - writing - and in the short term trying to untangle the massive mess I've made of my google accounts.

Update: Sorted out the email and google account mess, apparently I have a google profile complete with a circle. I suppose the time is now to figure out that.



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