Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s A.... (and we have a name, too!)

I guess its probably a good think I don’t have any sort of formal commitment to this blog - yet I still feel absolutely terrible about being so slow when it comes to update. Its not that I have nothing to say - at any moment I have a million thoughts running through my head - rants to post, moments to remember, whatever... Its the execution of actually sitting down and getting it out that I lack.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant, over the halfway mark and the next 19ish weeks are going to be over in the blink of an eye. They’d pass quickly as is but with fall, the holidays, etc mixed in there this baby is going to be here before we know it.

On the 18th we had our “big” ultrasound. The best news of the day was that our baby is healthy and all looks well - measuring right on track and estimated to weigh 12oz. We were also able to confirm that we are in fact having another little boy!!! We were running a little late to the appointment and while he was super active in the car, by the time we made it he was all tuckered out so we didn’t get a ton of good pics. We were able to see him in 3D in an attempt to get some better pics of his face and profile and while the pics are nice for 20 weeks, 3D ultrasounds this early, when baby is lacking fat, are pretty creepy. Even in creepy mode though he is still adorable of course! The newest pics of our little man, Parker Andrew, can be found by clicking here!!

After the ultrasound Steve and I had a really nice day together. My mom had Caden and we knew he’d rather play there than go shopping so it was just us for the first time in a long while. We bought clothes for winter and fall for both of the boys - I loved buying itty bitty baby items again. Because both of my babies will be January boys, we already have lots of seasonally appropriate clothes, but I want Parker to have his own - plus, its fun ;)

As for me I’m doing well! My next appointment is on the 1st - this is the point that I got sick with Caden so of course we’re all holding our breath a little. The good news is any swelling (and there has been extremely little) has been isolated and explained by lots of activity and heat. My weight gain is stead and is at 5-6lbs total. I had a dentist appt yesterday and they took my BP and it was a little high (135/86) which scared the hell out of me - but of course I was at the dentist. I grabbed some batteries for my BP monitor at home and have started to monitor myself. At home my BP has been in the low 120s/70s - this mornings reading was 114/67 - so my BP actually looks to be doing well.

As it turns out I have an anterior placenta this time - its located on the right side of my belly. Lucky for me, Parker loves to hang out on my left so I still feel him wiggle and kick move quite often. I don’t think its quite the frequency it was with caden as I can’t feel him when he is turned into or behind my placenta, but I feel him all throughout the day and I love it :) I can even see his larger kicks!! Today he gave me several good ones to the belly button, one was strong enough to move my hand.


We’ve been in baby mode around here quite often and I love it. My energy seems to come in spurts and after the productivity of the last two weeks, I find myself lazing it up quite a bit this week. We finished our shelving project in the garage, finally finished the hall closet door (trim and hardware), bought all of Caden’s new furniture, picked everything up (well, mattress set and bed was delivered - dresser is on backorder but should be shipping next week), cleared out my scrap room and moved most if it downstairs, ordered Parker’s bedding, set up the crib... I still have a ton I need to do though and should probably start formulating a list - they seem to keep me on track. Every room needs organizing, especially Caden’s. The closet of Parker’s room still needs cleared out and I’m hoping to get some work done in there over labor day weekend. The house needs a nice deep cleaning, shopping, scrapping, Halloween, Christmas, 3rd Birthday... Lots to do and minimal time to do it.

I’m also hoping to set up some sort of maternity/family portraits, probably for the end of October. We also went ahead and booked another trip to the Dells the first week in October. When we took Caden there in March, I knew I wanted to take him at least one more time before a new baby came (that cycle had failed, so timeline was unsure). We’ll be taking both our boys up many times I know, but I wanted one more with just him. So thats what we’re doing! We’re going to be staying at the Kalahari this time :)

As stated we did get Caden's "big boy" bed and that is all set up. Once the dresser gets here we'll probably move things around a bit but for now it works and I like it. Caden loves his bed but its taken a few days (and getting up rather early) to get used to it. Things have gone extremely well so I'm not complaining! Dragon and Dog love their new bed, too :). I still find myself amazed at just how quickly he is growing. Seeing his crib set up in the other room again (its been a toddler bed for almost a year now) is crazy... I can't believe he has moved on, and soon there will be another little man sleeping in there. It seems like just yesterday Steve was setting up that bed while we anticiapted the arrival of our first... not that 3 years have actually passed.

Well, another long rambling update that went a million places. I really wanted to document my thoughts and emotions better this pregnancy and while I jot notes regularly in my pregnancy planner, its not the same. So I’m going to get some things done around this house, and make it my goal to update this journal with at least a few of those thoughts wandering about my mind on a much more regular basis. And I suppose a few belly pics are needed!


scrapperjen said...

Glad all is going well. What a nice name! Over 1/2 way already - wow! :)
Take care of yourself and that baby.


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