Monday, January 21, 2008

365 Days (well, almost!)

We are getting things in line for Caden's 1st birthday party on Saturday and we're so excited! His party is going to have a blue/green theme with stars and polka dots. While Caden doesn't know what is going on, we know he is going to have a great time. He loves being around people and he loves being the center of attention so we're sure he is going to have a blast! Saturday also marks the big 30 for Uncle Neil!

Everyone always told me time would fly with Caden, but I never imagined just how quickly it would pass. Tomorrow marks 1 year since I went in to be induced, and 2 days later on the 24th (as most know!) we welcomed our little man into this world.
This first year has definitely been exciting, but I expect the 2nd year to be even more so. A year ago I thought this 2nd year would be familiar territory, but I am quickly learning it is almost as foreign as those first weeks almost a year ago.

Caden is mastering old skills and learning new ones every day. He is talking more and is quick with a "What?!" and knows Juice, Done, and his new favorite word... "Good". This morning when I went to get him from his crib I was greeted with "Good!! mom, mom Good!" as he ran around his crib and hugged his blanket.
Life with Caden is so much fun. I never imagined just how much fun it would be. He loves to play "Hide and Seek". He loves to chase Daddy around the house and he fills our home with laughter every day. We have always heard what a happy baby Caden was... and he is definitely quite the happy toddler!

Of course he is quite the active little one and loves to get into things... he is currently tearing up a piece of tissue so with that this entry comes to a close!


Robyn said...

Update this!! Come on, it's not like you're busy now anyway, stuck on your couch for another week still!


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