Friday, October 19, 2007

Warm Nights

There is little I miss about life before baby. We've settled in, adapted, and every day is definitely brighter with our little pook running around.

Even so, there are a few small things I miss from the months before Caden was born. While I was pregnant, before the bed rest, Steve and I loved to take walks together. We still do this with Caden and going on walks just the three of us is fantastic... but before Steve and I would go at all hours of the night. Whenever I couldn't sleep and just wanted to go for a walk, no matter how late it was, Steve would go with me. When the weather got too cold to walk and I was on bed rest, we'd hop in the car and drive around and just talk.
I can still remember our last late night walk. It was November and we had an unseasonably warm night. I had been on bed rest for over a month and was dying to get out, even though I shouldn't. Steve and I decided a short, calm walk just around the block wouldn't hurt and I took my blood pressure before we left just to make sure.
The night was beautiful and I am so happy we took advantage of it... we didn't see another night like that until spring. I remember talking about how that was most likely the last walk we'd take just the two of us... and it was.

Now on beautiful nights such as that, with Caden fast asleep in his crib, I miss those walks. I wouldn't trade anything for them but they were nice. But as with just about everything in our life, things have changed and we've adapted. Instead of prowling the neighborhood we are confined to the front porch, baby monitor in hand, and it is just as nice. And the adorable little man sleeping soundly in his crib makes it so much better.



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